Acabo de receber a boa notícia de que os preços do frete modalidade DHL tiveram uma boa redução no Shipito , o peso dimensional que estava sendo calculado com um fator 166 foi ajustado para 139, ou seja os pacotes enviados por DHL podem ficar até 17% mais baratos .

A notícia original em inglês publicada   é esta abaixo, e os novos preços começam a valer a partir desta próxima segunda dia 12-11-12.

Great news from DHL

We just signed new contract with DHL. Lower pricing for all customers.

We just got the confirmation from DHL about new lower pricing.

This email is to confirm that your Dimensional Divisor (DIM) will be adjusted to 166 from 139 effective this Monday, November 12, 2013. The result, as you know, is that every “dimmed” shipment will now weigh less and thereby become less expensive.

Most of the packages shipped by DHL and FedEx are billed by dimensional weight. That means that dimensional weight of the packages is bigger than real weight. By changing the DIM factor the cost goes significantly down. Few months ago FedEx lowered the DIM factor for Shipito. DHL now agreed to the same concession.

I am very happy that we can allow cheaper shipping again! DHL just told us that the change will be effective on Monday. Our shipping calculator is directly connected to DHL system, so as soon this is loaded you will see the lower pricing automatically.